10 Benefits of Cardio/Aerobic Exercise


Okay people, I came across these points that may motivate many of you to start exercising. I was pondering over this subject for a while now, that is, how to motivate oneself to exercise. After having read these points and remembering the state of many unhealthy people i’ve seen, I thought I would share them with you for your benefit :)

Here goes:

  1. Improved heart and lung function
  2. Lower heart rate and blood pressure
  3. Increased blood supply to muscles and improved ability to use oxygen
  4. Increased HDL cholesterol (the good cholesterol)
  5. Decreased triglycerides
  6. Reduced body fat and improved weight control
  7. Improved glucose tolerance and reduced insulin resistance
  8. Enhanced immune function, which means
    • Increased resistance to viral and bacterial infection
    • Increased resistance to cancer
  9. Lowered blood sugar levels and reduced risk of diabetes
  10. Longer life expectancy

Source: Jon Barron


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  1. [...] is very individual and many factors come into play when determining how many days per week you do cardio.  The key is in always changing at least one factor each week: frequency, intensity or duration.  [...]

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