12 germiest places?


“Health” magazine senior editor Frances Largeman-Roth identified the 12 germiest places you’re likely to encounter during an average day, in descending order (MSNBC):

1. Your kitchen sink
2. Airplane bathrooms
3. A load of wet laundry
4. Public drinking fountains
5. Shopping cart handles
6. ATM buttons
7. Your handbag
8. Playgrounds
9. Mats and machines at health clubs
10. Your bathtub
11. Your office phone
12. The hotel-room remote control


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2 Responses to 12 germiest places?
  1. Geoff Robertson
    April 5, 2008 | 4:53 am


    It is funny what some people think is an average day. This list must have been compiled by asking female office workers who regularly fly interstate, stay in hotels and visit playgrounds on their way from the gym to the shopping mall.

    In any case, the point is there are some grossly germ-infested objects out there.

    I have heard that bowls of snack food in night clubs and bars contain high levels of germs – mainly from men not washing their hands after using the bathroom.

    It really makes you want to carry around a pack of wet-wipes.


  2. the health blogger
    April 5, 2008 | 11:12 am


    I truly hate it and find it appalling how men cannot wash their hands after using the bathroom, obviously these men were dragged up and not raised up! That is so sick! Thanks for the reminder ;)

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