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12 germiest places?

“Health” magazine senior editor Frances Largeman-Roth identified the 12 germiest places you’re likely to encounter during an average day, in descending order (MSNBC): 1. Your kitchen sink 2. Airplane bathrooms 3. A load of wet laundry 4. Public drinking fountains 5. Shopping cart handles 6. ATM buttons

Raw Milk: United Kingdom?

It seems like the raw milk craze in California (USA) is starting to have a ripple effect….towards the United Kingdom! People are finally starting to wake up! Woohooo! (For those who don’t understand this made-up term, its an expression denoting happiness and excitement – sorry, but sometimes you really do have to explain yourself )…

Honey and Water: Is it Really that Good?

Every morning, or just about every morning, the first thing I do after waking up and using the bathroom (I guess you don’t need to know that part) is to make a honey + water drink. This may sound like an old wives tale or something your grandmother might have told you, but there is…

Almonds: What is going on?

The U.S. government is once again working closely with powerful corporations to knowingly deliver a nutritionally deficient food supply to the American people. This most recent example concerns the new rules by the Almond Board of California (ABC) and backed by the USDA to mandate the pasteurization of all commercially-grown almonds in California with substances…

…I’m back

Sorry for not telling anyone I was away, some unexpected things came up and……..I had to disappear. Your loyalty has definitely been reflected in my traffic and I am so grateful. Get ready for some serious articles shortly…..

Intermittent Fasting and Caloric Restriction: Eat What You want?

I’ve been meaning to write an article on these topics for a long time now, though I just haven’t got round to doing so. I was considering to start writing when coincidentally my friend, John, sent me an article on these very same topics. The article summed up everything I wanted to say, so instead…

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