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Sitting in front of the computer for too long: The Effects (Part 1)

I’ve written this article with the primary goal of reminding myself of the importance of monitoring my own computer usage and thereby incorporating appropriate methods and techniques to reduce the damage of such a prolonged state of sitting and staring at the monitor/screen! Phew, that was a long sentence, don’t want to get arrested by…

The Case for Untreated Milk

Here’s the report I promised on untreated milk: It is already illegal to sell unpasteurised milk through shops, catering establishments, hotels, hospitals and schools in England and Wales. In 1989, for political and financial reasons, the government went for a total ban to fall in line with Scotland. The attempt failed, owing mainly to consumer…


Dr. Mercola does a great job in giving some concise informaiton on probiotics and their beneficial impact on overall health. He talks about a specific strain of bacteria (or spore as he calls it) which seems somewhat different than current products available. Check out the video:

Masturbation: It is NOT healthy for you, contrary to popular belief!

Please note, this article is based primarily upon my opinion and also various real life findings (e.g. emails from concerned readers, various forums and sites). Therefore I don’t have any “scientific” research to back these claims, however, the symptoms that occur to many are consistently recurrent. Remember, we don’t only have physical health to look…

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