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Acid and Alkaline Food Diet, Part 1

source: flikr Many of us have heard things about our diets being too acidic or that we have to eat more raw foods to counter-balance the acidity of modern day diets. So how true is this you ask?

Just updated my ‘About’ page

??? Got some free time? Just updated my ‘About’ page! Woohoo! Check it out if you haven’t got anything better to do!

Acne – My Story, Part 3: Vitamins, Antibiotics and Herbs

Read: Acne – Part 1: Introduction, Acne – Part 2: Skincare After having tried the myriad of products for my skin and not getting the results I wanted – i.e. clear skin – I was told by a friend that she had known someone who had really bad acne and had been prescribed some tablets…

Finally I found Something HEALTHY to EAT!

Yesterday I went to drop my sister off Heathrow airport – she is off to my cousin’s wedding! So anyway, as usual, with all the delays and stuff – “…one acquired an appetite!” (last bit requires an archaic English accent!). I went on the mission of trying to find something to eat which was not…

5 Reasons Why Your Diet Isn’t Working

This is a guest post by Susan Jacobs. If you’re being repeatedly disappointed every time you step on the scales or slip into your jeans, then you know your diet isn’t working. How could this be, you ask yourself. You could have sworn you were doing everything right! Below, you will find the top five…

Acne – My Story, Part 2: Skincare

  Read: Acne – Part 1, Acne – Part 3 When I tell you that I have used just about every skin care brand on planet earth, I just about mean it! Obviously I am exaggerating slightly, but in truth, I have used so many brands that I think I would naturally inherit the status…

Acne – My Story, Part 1: Introduction

source: flikr I started writing this blog because I wanted to help people by conveying good, real and valuable health information. I started my “epic” journey towards health approximately six years ago, when I was then struck by acne. I was eighteen years old and quite shocked, upset and confused. I thought acne only happend…

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