Monthly Archives: April 2008

Green Tea and Resistance Training

  source: flikr   Study Info. You’ve guessed it, yet another study expounding the great benefits of green tea. So what was the study about and what did it show? The study investigated the effects of the consumption of green tea for 7 days on biomarkers (i.e. indicators) of oxidative stress in young men undergoing…

Acid and Alkaline Food Diet, Part 2

source: flikr   So what did I mean when I said I shall provide two lists for the Acid and Alkaline Food diet in Part 1? Confused? Well, whenever I have scowered the internet for a list identifying the state (i.e. acidic or alkaline) of foods, I always come across some discrepancies in relation to…

Off to the Airport again!

I’m off to the airport again to pick up my sister. Wonder if I’ll find that healthy sandwich again? It’s 6.15am and I’m so…zzzzzzzzzzzz….oops sorry! You get my point! Will try to post the second part of the Acid & Alkaline Food Diet ASAP – stay tuned

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