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Blast from the Past!

My site’s popularity has grown considerably, more than I ever expected and therefore I wanted to bring to light three of my most popular articles which some of you may miss if you land initially at the front page, here you go: Honey and Water: Is it Really that Good? Sugar Beverages: Drinks of Mass…


 Source: http://www.pallian.com/

Precision Nutrition BLOG is finally here!

If you know anything about precision nutrition and its founder John Berardi, then you at least know that their system of “precision nutrition” is very….precise! They have launched a blog (finally!!!), a much needed tool to interact more closely with the public. Check out their blog here!

POM Wonderful Review

Yeah, that’s right!  I finally tried it! Cut the long VERY short, the drink is not very tasty, though that doesn’t mean it is not palatable. It’s somewhat of an acquired taste! (Queen’s English accent pleeeeeeeease!) Some people have told me that it tastes like medicine and I can see what they mean. So what are…

Omega-3 Diet Linked to Lower Heart Disease Risk

In yet another study showing the benefits of consuming foods high in Omega-3, Akira Sekikawa (MD) and colleagues found that rather than genetic factors contributing to the lower heart disease risk in Japan’s population, the actual Omega-3 content of Japanese diets may be responsible instead. The study, cited in the August edition of the Journal…

POM Wonderful

So I guess you must’ve seen the massive ad campaign being conducted by the ‘POM Wonderful’ company, especially here in the UK, if not, where have you been?!  To my knowledge, the drink is not new, it has been around for quite some time now, so why such a big campaign?  No idea. What is…

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