So I guess this is the part I tell you all about me, how I want to help humanity, save the world and also be a regular guy?

Not quite – well not the first part anyway (i.e. tell you all about me, maybe a little bit!)

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  Why did you start this blog?  
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Quite often, I hear people talk about health and all it entails like they have a PhD., this can get quite annoying! This coupled with my bad experiences with my doctor left me confused. I was brought up thinking that doctors knew everything, well everything to do with our health anyway. I guess I was wrong and naive, simply put.
I remember my sister asking the doctor when being prescribed antibiotics whether it would be advisable to take a course of probiotics alongside the antibiotics, what was the response? “What are they? Some sort of vitamin?”

You can imagine what my response was!

I guess this situation was beneficial for me, a blessing in disguise one might say, these things coupled with my late skin problems resulted in a total lifestyle change, literally 1080 degrees – oh wait, that’s turning around 3 times! Don’t all laugh at once!

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  So what am I trying to tell you?  
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I’ve studied health, exercise and just about anything that raises your heart beat for the past seven years. I’ve read countless number of books, tried numerous diets, been on courses, been certified and now looking to retire at the tender age of twenty something – ok that last part was slightly exaggerated!

We want to know a little more!

I specialise in nutrition and am a qualified level 3 (REPS) Personal Trainer (5 Years). I also hold a BSc. (Hons.) in Information Systems with Business Management.

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  So what does this mean? Are you a blagger?  
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No, not quite, I’ll pretend that you meant blogger!

If you want good, reliable, interesting information on health, then visit my site. If you don’t, then you know where to go, cos I don’t!

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  I want to know more!  
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Ask me!

What’s the worse I can say? “Go away” or “No” or even maybe “Speak English please!”

Okay, lets be serious for a teeny weeny minute. I genuinely want to help everyone out there with health information. I personally know how hard it is to get hold of, understand and comprehend good, unbiased, beneficial information! That’s why I want to share whatever I haveacquired in my brain as well as anything I come across that might interest/benefit you, the readers!

Keep smiling, for if you only knew the benefits you receive internally!

End of sermon ;)

P.S. Here’s your homework: Have you ever thought about what your purpose is on this planet we call earth? I mean really contemplated and pondered over numerous things, such as the ocean, the birds, the rain, the sun and moon? If you haven’t, maybe you should.