Acne – My Story, Part 1: Introduction


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I started writing this blog because I wanted to help people by conveying good, real and valuable health information. I started my “epic” journey towards health approximately six years ago, when I was then struck by acne. I was eighteen years old and quite shocked, upset and confused. I thought acne only happend to people in their teens, I was near the end of my teens and I developed a few spots and got somewhat paranoid…to put mildy!

This introduction is part of a series of articles that I shall be writing about acne and how to get rid of it, yes thats right, get rid of your acne! I wanted to write an e-Book on my experiences (trust me its LONG), but haven’t got round to doing so, I guess you could say the proverb “procrastination is the thief of time” would fit in greatly right about NOW!

Having battled with Mr. Procrastination, I’ve managed to get started with this intro article. The articles in the series will cover how and why I got acne, skincare, diet and exercise and various other ramblings that I think will be of benefit to the reader.

Acne is a condition which is overlooked and sometimes not given the importance it should be given…as a result many people are mentally and physically scarred due to a lack of knowledge on how to combat this prevalant skin problem.

If my advice is followed, I am very sure (how sure you ask? 99.9% sure) that you shall be able to combat this problem too. The information I shall present will be FREE, that’s right, FREE! I’m not going to subdue the readers into paying me something, nor am I going to promise you the world and everything in it, except maybe a solution to your acne problem(s) ;)

Anyways, keep tuned and take care!

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