Bold Sole Sista Part 2

Ramadan has come to an end and I am thinking of how best to move forward with my training and how I can transition into the weeks and months to come as I continue to prepare for November 20th.

I was able to speak with two of the cross country coaches at my university’s athletic department and one of the coaches brought up the idea of running 30 miles in a day by splitting it up into two sessions. Thinking about it, he’s right. A marathon takes place in one day, less than that really. If I’m going to do in November, it makes sense to do it before hand. Sitting here typing this I am thinking about how may weeks before hand I should try to do the 30 miles. Maybe the last week of October so that I will have time to make any adjustments in distance per day, pace, training etc… Until August 28th at least, I won’t do more than three miles at a time.

I didn’t run this week and I don’t have a record of my runs to look back and refer to.

I do hope to keep up with the ballet stretches as my cross training once a week.

I had been doing ballet stretches which sounds as though it doesn’t require much effort.

If you’re not engaging all your muscles it isn’t.

However, once you do, it really is a work out.

I look forward to getting back out for a run.

I think that as a result of having lived in NYC and having grown accustomed to walking for miles I should be able to bounce back to regular excercise and hit the track. During my first week of training, my goal was to match the mileage put forward in an online training guide I found from a running magazine.

I hit the mark and the next step is now in front of me. While thinking about what shoes I need to get, I took a look at the shoes that I usually where, not for excercise but just walking around.

I noticed from the left shoe that I must be leaning outward when my foot strikes the ground.

The right shoe doesn’t have the same slant to it so I may get basic lightweight running shoes and but some sort of insole for the left foot.I’m not sure if that throws off my posture.

Maybe that’s why, until recently, it was only my left knee that was giving me problems.

At the very least,since I know now that I don’t need as much correction for my right foot as I do for my left I’ll be able to pair of sneakers that are better than the huge new balances I used to use.

Those jokers were expensive too! I bought them online when I should have gone into a running store.

Lesson learned on that one!


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