Finally I found Something HEALTHY to EAT!


Yesterday I went to drop my sister off Heathrow airport – she is off to my cousin’s wedding!

So anyway, as usual, with all the delays and stuff – “…one acquired an appetite!” (last bit requires an archaic English accent!).

I went on the mission of trying to find something to eat which was not only edible (sarcasm intended), but also healthy and give me some satiety! Any luck? Well initially NO!

Everywhere I looked, even the so-called healthy stuff, was full of sugar and preservatives and you get my point! I feel sorry for the people who fall for the marketing claims made by those companies claiming to sell “healthy” products, yet they don’t come anywhere near to that definition. Okay, end of the sermon!

So I went back to one of the shops (Boots Pharmacy) I quickly visited earlier as I was told that I have more time due to the long queues!

Did I find something good, healthy and appetising? YESSireee!!!

Was I surprised? Indeedeeeo!

Am I going to stop talking like this? Maybeeeee!

I was pleasantly surprised, I found a healthy sandwich for the first time in my life for sale in a large retail shop! We are finally moving forward!

Thumbs up to Chantelle Ludski (Founder & Chief Sandwich Maker @ ‘fresh!naturallyorganic’) for taking the initiative to do something about the status quo! From browsing the site, it looks like the company has been around since 2000, where on earth have I been? Well I was travelling for approximately a year and a half, though that’s no excuse!

So what did I have? I had the ‘Skinnie Minnie’, which contains NO Mayonaisse, is low in fat and made on wholemeal bread (the sandwich also contained: Hoummous, tuna, carrot, cucumber, watercress, cumin seeds).

The company also has various other healthy products in its range, such as dairy-free cakes, organic juices etc.

Check out the site (http://freshnaturallyorganic.co.uk/) and even maybe try one of their sandwiches.


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