POM Wonderful Review

pom wonderful pomegranate

Yeah, that’s right!  I finally tried it!

Cut the long VERY short, the drink is not very tasty, though that doesn’t mean it is not palatable.

It’s somewhat of an acquired taste! (Queen’s English accent pleeeeeeeease!)

Some people have told me that it tastes like medicine and I can see what they mean.

So what are the ingredients?

100% Pomegranate juice from concentrate and natural flavourings.

Two things I don’t like very much:

  1. That it is from concentrate!
  2. What are the natural flavourings?!

I was quite shocked at the price.

Here (in the UK), it cost me £3.14 for a little less than 500ml, which is VERY expensive.

Would I buy it again?

Probably not, though the health benefits are very good!

Many other pomegranate drinks taste very good, though this is mostly down to the large sugar content!

I still have one more voucher, may use it and try the mango flavour ;)


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