Raw Milk: United Kingdom?

It seems like the raw milk craze in California (USA) is starting to have a ripple effect….towards the United Kingdom!

People are finally starting to wake up! Woohooo! (For those who don’t understand this made-up term, its an expression denoting happiness and excitement – sorry, but sometimes you really do have to explain yourself :) )

I really am pleased, I’ve been ranting about the benefits of raw milk and problems with processed milk for so long…that I’m actually getting tired :(

Okay, I’ll be quiet!

Stories have always lingered about how farms have been shut down due to supplying raw milk and people having nearly died as a result of raw milk consumption, though the validity of such stories is somewhat mysterious (to put it mildly), they could be fabricated or real, though this is not what is relevant right now.

The media are finally reporting giving back milk the amazing reputation it had and thereby educating the masses- that’s what is important!

So where can you purchase this “raw milk”?



In Scotland you can get it just about anywhere.

In England and Wales though, it is monitored and not as easy. Many purchase their raw milk directly from producers in Wales or from local farmers’ markets (see: List of Farmers’ Markets – UK).
Sounds a bit like the 1930s prohibition in the U.S., just that the prohibition was lifted and the sale of raw milk hasn’t – when really the opposite would be so much better for society as a whole! I know the AA wouldn’t be complaining!
It is true that buying raw milk in UK supermarkets is not allowed (currently), though things can always change ;) hint, hint, nudge, nudge…
Imagine if they coined real milk as the next ‘Super Food’ – the word ironic sure does pop to mind, doesn’t it? I guess I could give you another sermon on the negatives of consuming processed milk, though I think this task has already been accomplished by me (see: Milk: Good or Bad?) and exhausted by many others.

I think I’ll have a pint of raw milk please :)





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One Response to Raw Milk: United Kingdom?
  1. Chris
    November 3, 2007 | 11:31 pm

    I totally agree with you that raw milk is the best. It is so great that the raw milk coalition won in California. There must be some sane politicians left in California afterall! Anyway, I have three goats and one is in milk. I milk her every day. It is so great to go out to your backyard and get some milk. I hope we see raw milk from cow’s milk in the store in the near future. Even with our goat’s milk and with all the precautions I take, I still add some extra protection by using “The New Silver Solution”. I put a little squirt in the milk bottle. The product will kill bad bacteria, but not the good bacteria…COOL! My family has NEVER gotten sick from my milk. I am too careful. If you’d ever like to use our “New Silver Solution” for any health reasons, go to my site at: http://www.automaticbuilder.com/balanced-health/silver

    Another Satisfied Raw Milk Lover,

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